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a short film by michaelgeoghegan

atoz , i had the original idea of telling a story from one fixed camera angel and then struggled for a while as to where this camera might be fixed, what vantage point would be interesting.  it started out as more of a challenge than a concept, i wondered if i could tell a complete story without changing the size of the shot or the angel, like looking into a goldfish bowl and watching as narratives intertwine. then it struck me the place to fix the camera was on the bonnet of a car looking back at the owners and occupants of the vehicle, with resonating narrative themes, and a timeline from the factory to the car crushing yard.  have you ever wondered who owned your car before you and what went on in it?  this was how atoz was concieved.  i constructed the cars birth to death history, its relationships, divorces, mishaps and into this cast my characters. i then sent these notes to family, friends and work collegues to see  if anyone would be interested in writing a 2/3 minute vignette based on the owners i had sketched out.  this is how i first came to work with simon riley (screen writer, artist, advertising guru) the script writer on 'the immaculate misconception'.  lots of people were interested in writing a scene and i selected the ones that i thought worked best.  then i had a casting session and got the cast to improvise around these scenes, we placed 4 chairs in a room as if they were the seats of a car, and i filmed the results of the scripted improvisations, these tapes where then transcribed and eventually became the script for the short film atoz.

atoz - the lifecycle of car. a fixed perspective, episodic film about the occupants and owners of a 1985 ford sierra from its factory inception to its crushing demise.

starring; james hicks • lorelie king • george yiasdumi • rachel harvey • tom geoghegan • paul sharma • andy smart • russell brand • kenneth gray • ardella jones • sandeep sharma.

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